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A Letter from Dave

Valued Customers

As many of you are aware, I have had some medical issues over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, some of my symptoms have been occurring more frequently over the last couple of months.

After many discussions with my physicians, as well as the team down at Norwalk Vault Company, we have decided that I should take a short leave of absence. This will help me concentrate on my health and allow me to relax so that when I return I can be a healthier person for everyone, including your families.

This was actually one of the reasons why the decision for us to join Norwalk Vaults team. If something ever came up and I needed to take some Eme off or wanted to take a vacaEon, it would be possible. Now, I can feel comfortable knowing that the men here at Lamontagne Vault will have the support and manpower needed to service your funeral home needs.

Although we do not have a specific goal for my return, my target return date is August 1. With a liKle luck, I may be able to return before then.

I have all the confidence in everyone here that they can conEnue your work as if I am still here every day. They will still be able to reach me in case of an emergency, however they will have people from Norwalk Vault to assist them as needed. All orders can sstill be placed as you normally would, through email, fax or calling the office. Jackie will still be in the office to answer all your calls and questions. I have also attached a page with addiEonal contacts and phone numbers in case you need or want to reach them.

I want to thank Mark Bates and Craig Neal at Norwalk Vault, but especially all of you in advance for your support on this. I have heard many of you when you see me in the field or we talk on the phone and now it is time I actually listened to what you were saying. The success of our businesses is important, however I do need to get healthy again.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. I will be here for a couple of more weeks, working mainly in the office. As always, you are free to call me on my cell phone or email me as well at dl@norwalkvault.com.

Thank you

Dave Lamontagne, Sr., Manager (508)476-0040 office

(508)523-8937 cell



Contact list and phone numbers:

Name Office Cell Email
Jackie Campbell 508)476-0040 (774)462-2898 Email
Mark Bates (203)366-5678 (203)856-1305 Email
Craig Neal (203)366-5678 x 312 (203)410-0178 Email
Edith Gagner (203)366-5678 x 306 Email
Raul ValenEn (203)366-5678 x (203)545-1944 Email
Rob Petrowski (860)444-8869 (860)949-2266 Email